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anson_greene in aamuses

Step Three - 3.4

"Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do." - Denis Waitley

Okay, I think I understand this one.

I didn't have to drink. I chose to drink. I didn't have to beat the shit out of that guy in the bar and end up on probation. I chose to do it. Okay. I get it. If my life is a fucking mess, I can choose to do something about it or I can choose to keep on doing what I'm doing and end up dead or in prison or back in the institution but we won't talk about that.

I'm trying, you know? I really am. My probation ends next month and I've been doing real good with not drinking and I'm just gonna try and focus on getting better and not fucking up anymore. I mean, I've come a long way. I've backslid a lot and really come close to losing everything, but I can still look back and say, I've got a life worth fighting for. I've got a home, and a solid income. I've got friends and people who love me. People who want to see me be the man I can be, and not some drunken idiot looking for trouble. I've got my brother, even though he's not around so much these days.

I've got Arthur.

He loves me, and he believes in me, and even if everything else went away, I know he'd still be right there by my side, loving me and trusting me to make the right choice. For me. For both of us.

Muse: Anson Greene
Fandom: Moloney
Word Count: 250