12 Steps to Sobriety

every journey begins with a first step

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A muse/fiction writing prompt community based around the precepts of a 12 Step Program.
AA Muses is a muse/fiction writing prompt community based around the precepts of a 12 Step Program. All members of the program should be either battling an addiction of some kind (drugs, alcohol, sex etc.) or in a significant relationship with someone who is battling an addiction (children of alcoholics etc.).


1. Conduct. By applying to join this community you are agreeing to respect all of its present and future members. Play nice, be polite, abide by the rules. We also expect everyone to be respectful of the topic.

2. Participation. All patients are expected to 'attend' meetings every month. This means that in order to be considered active within the community, you will respond to at least one of the prompts listed for each step every three months. The prompts will be posted in order of the twelve steps and participants will be expected to start at ONE no matter when they join. Prompt responses are posted to the community and tagged with your character tag. Introductions will also be posted to the main community.

3. Activity. Responses are requested to be at least 150 words. Activity checks will be performed and we will warn and remove muses for inactivity.

4. Exclusivity. Only one of each canon character is allowed. OCs are welcome. A waiting list is in place should a wanted patient decide to leave the program, if you apply for a taken member you will be asked if you'd like to be on it, or you can ask for it yourself.

5. Patience. If you apply to join the program and don't hear back from the mod in over two weeks, its fine to inquire again or email a reminder.

6. Contact. If you have any other concerns, comments, or questions, send an email to imaginaryalice[at]livejournal[dot]com.


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